How to Use Viva Video Editor App?

How to Use Viva Video Editor App?

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Hey everybody, this is a wise back with another video editing tutorial today I'll be teaching you how to use viva Video really is a video editor and it has a really good rating on the Android platform I'll, be showing you all the features because I have the paid version, but there's a free version for this app as well.

You can download it and if you like, the features it comes with, you can buy that it's cost about $ 4. It's a very good video editor, so we're gonna go and look at it. If you haven't subscribed to our channel, please consider subscribing and if you liked the video smash that, like button, that's being said, let's get started.

This is a weaver video editor, it's a free video editor, but you can buy the pro version as well. So I've already downloaded that I'm gonna open that app okay. So this is what you see when you start your video on the top.

We have some filters. We have added menu, slideshow Menu, we have capture, option and material and I'm lucky option so my studio. That's where all your projects going to be.

We have more tools, so here we got a few apps that can be downloaded from Play Store, and then we have filters. So these are the filters. Instagram frequently asked questions as well.

Now, what we're going to look at is the edit menu. This is where we added our videos alright. So I'm going to tap on edit and it's gonna.

Take me to this here. I can download my videos from my phone, so I have one video here which I'm going to bring that to my project yeah. I can trim that before.

I add that to my project so just hold on this is yellow and then drag to the right to trim it off. If you like, the video to start from here, just leave it there, I'm gonna trim it from the right as well, and we have a rotate option. You can rotate your video and then we can cut the video as well.

So that's been added already. I'm gonna tap the On Add button. Now we have one clip right.

So if you want to add more Clips, you can go back and add some pictures or stuff whatever this stuff. You want to add it. So I'm going to add this clip as well.

I'm just going to tap on, add and I'm going to hold onto this clip and I'm gonna drag it to the right. So I'm gonna make this clip as my trailer, which is going to be the number one clip from the start, and then we have a second clip here and then, if you tap on done alright, So we have over two clips in over project. So the first option - you will say the team option and then music and then add it right so added options, the main where we're gonna focus to load.

Well, I want to show you that if you want to play your video just tap on that video, if the play button will pop up and then tap on the play button to pause the video just tap on the video, it's gonna get passed right. So when you tap on the team's down here, you can see a lot of Things. They've been updating this software as well, such as it's a Halloween team here, trick-or-treat okay.

So if I tap on that, it's going to get applied to my clip, I'm going to basically tap on nuns, because I don't want any theme for my clip because I'm going to add it that manually and after I will think if I want the team or Not right, so you can download more things by tapping on this a more button. It will take you to this page, and here you can See all the themes available by Viva video. Let's go back now we have a music.

So, if you want add your music, you can do that by tapping on music and tap on add music. So this is our. These are the few musics are available in viola video, but you can bring that from your own library, such as you have any music in your any mobile storage.

You can download that as well. So let's go back, it's very simple. Now we're going to talk about edit.

Alright, if I tap on edit, you can see I've got a bunch of features here now. The first one is added clip and then text, filter, stickers, effects, a multi, music, sound transition, ad click rights. So now, let's look at clip edit, so I'm going to tap on clip at it.

There you go. I have one two, three, four, five, six seven options here right, so first one is trimmed. So if I tap on train is going to take me to this window, and here I can trim the video I need to trim it somewhere here, I'm gon na tap on OK and now I need to select the second clip from here and then I can Trim that as well - but I trim that when I imported that video to my projects or they want to trim that now, but I want to split that clip because I'm gon na add some transitions so just tap on split now this video, you can see that Knife, what do we call it scissors yep? So if you keep your playhead or Caesars about here and then tap on, OK, it's gon na get separated from the previous clip.

So now we have two Clips. The clip 1 is 6, second and second clip in 17 seconds. I'm going to split that as well, so I'm gon na tap on that split button.

And then maybe you leave it here when Aspen he's my brother and that's my sister, so they start walking towards that. So I'm gon na tap. Ok now we have another clip 8.

Second clip 9, second and 6 seconds right. So I have four Clips right. 9Mph project, okay: next we have duplicate options, a very simple just select your Clip top and duplicate is going to create a copy of that code.

Next, we have clip speed. So let's say you shot your video at 60 frames per second, and you want to slow it down. You can do that as well, so Iceland starts walking towards mountains.

I'm gon na select the clip actually and I'm going to play the clip and where you start walking, I want to slow it down right so tap on this clip speed. You can make your video faster, but but scrolling that too, by dragging that To the right and dragging to the left, you can slow it down as well, so I'm gon na slow it down to about. Let's say that much right so top okay.

Now that clip is basically changed to ten-second. It was 874. That's Leila! Okay! Now, as you can see lights a bit slower, it's a better video now.

So, if you shot your video 60 frames per second, you can do that as well. Nice. We have adjustments.

This is a paid version, but I just want to quickly show You that you can actually add colors, let's tap on adjustments. Okay, I can add brightness control saturation of any editing so, but this is a paid version. If I tap on OK, it's gonna ask me to unblock video adjustment, which is going to be cost out.

Two point: nine nine dollars and I don't wan na pay, de-ice p. m. mute.

So you can reasonably meet your clip and then you can visit decrease the volume as well by going to the music. Now, let's go back. Oh actually, I'm gon na Accept that, because I want these four clips now.

Let's say this is my trailer and very much Travis soft. I want to add some title to my video okay, so I'm gon na tap on text here we need to tap on t + yep. I have three images I can select from them.

I just want simple text, so I just want to tap on the text and I'm going to say the log 0 1. Okay and then I can basically add that image as a background by one simple text. So I'll just leave that simple text I can Increase or decrease the size as well right, just wan na make it somewhere here tap on this tick mark to accept that now we have that title alright.

So when I accept that as well accept that next we have folders photos very simple, select your clip and add your Fuji filter. So this is going to look like now, so these are some built-in filter. Envy will be here so I find them pretty cool such as this, a pink filter and black-and-white specialist.

You want to Make your video like old or something. Then you can add that black and white filter very simple: I'm gon na accept that actually and then sticker stickers, very simple. These are the few images.

If you tap on low, you got some few more images. These are basically animated images, so such as, if I add this right and then let's see what's happening, it's gon na start the highest flowing okay. So these are some animated videos, so not videos actually Images, so you can add them as well to your videos.

I like this one, I have this Bank right. This is really cool, it's called good animation, so I like that one, but you can use them if you want that's a deselect them and then just get rid of them. It's we have FX pretty simple.

I'm gon na take my playhead to about here. Okay, I'm gon na select this tap on effect, so these are few effects you have so as you can see that, if you're on vacation, you can add that kind of it back to your Video tap on loves. You got a few more wall, you got this kind of effects such as this is I'm gon na select that first, I'm gon na move it somewhere else right.

You have to accept that to edit that you tap on this ibaka will take you to the store you can download more effects right, see, you have people, add a clapping, simply tap on the clapping and there you go. You got that music and the clap on the top of your video. Let's go back.

Okay, Oh multi, music! Basically, very easy, If you add a few more music timelines, let such as, if you want to add few musics to your videos. You can do that as well, so that's basically multi musics, I'm going to add these, and then I'm gon na accept that that's where it's going to add that music, I'm gon na type a game and then add another music. Alright, that's a multi was very simple.

The main thing you want to learn is add: it click. Ok, these are the few things that you can split, trim, split, trim, split ring and Make the clip wherever you want it right. Let's go back, okay, pretty simple, guys, sound! It's! Basically, if you want to make a comment or a video, you can do that as well.

If you've called your game plays on your Android phone, you just come here and tap on this Mike, but earn, and it's going to start recording your voice over, which is very easy. You don't even have to touch your computer to make a comment or videos really easy. Okay, I'm gon na show you the transition, so I'm going to Tap on transition.

So I have four clips in my timeline right now. So let's take one. I had a transition here, so I'm going to tap here and then on the top.

Sorry in the middle, we have to select the transitions. So here I want to select out maybe this transition right, I'm gon na tap on that and now, when I play the video, that's gon na show me like blind edge. That's the transition right! So very simple! You have to select the part that you want to add the transition.

That is Why I would recommend just split your clip and keep the clip wherever you want and then add your transition as well. So next one we have this one. This is pretty cool as well.

I'm gonna apply that I'm gon na try to play the video it takes a bit of time to render that okay, so that was advice, that's pretty much, it is. The last thing is just add clip if you wan na. Add more clip some more images to your video.

You can do that as well, and that's pretty much. It is guys. So if You liked the video smash the like button and don't forget to subscribe thanks for watching - and I talk to guys in the next video chase - .

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