Best VivaVideo Alternative Apps for PC and Android - Free Download

Best VivaVideo Alternative Apps for PC and Android - Free Download

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Best apps VivaVideo Alternative for PC and Android: Hi everyone. Are you looking for a better app instead of the VivaVideo app? If so this article will be very helpful for you. So keep reading this article. Because in this article we will look at the best apps instead of the VivaVideo app. Viva Video was created for personal and professional use. Therefore, we describe below in this article the applications that can fulfill these two features. Some video editors want to specialize in creating videos for application marketing or branding. Others are more interested in creating great short clips for fun sharing on Dictoc, Facebook, Instagram, and other similar sites. A few more video editing applications are trying to strike a balance. Thus the applications are selected in such a way as to attract both newcomers and professionals.

Best apps VivaVideo Alternative
Best apps VivaVideo Alternative
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Best apps VivaVideo Alternative

Viva Video is super cool in terms of video editing, nothing more than KineMaster. In fact, there are some areas that have a margin more than the previous ones. For starters, Kinmaster is seen with a very sleek interface. It turns navigation into a breeze. It is used to add multi-layer videos to make editing clips on a mobile device less hassle-free. And it also makes it a little easier to connect. In terms of color changes, it looks more like a touch than its famous rival. Whether you adjust the colors or use different color filters, the process ensures that it stays straight. VivaVideo is seen as a solid library of effects that play a key role in making a clip beautiful to the eyes. KineMaster Looking closely at the various effects it offers, it looks very close to VivaVideo. Awesome slow-motion effects and sound effects are the best choices.

Best apps VivaVideo Alternative

Magisto is a great app for creating awesome videos that can put you at the top of the popular charts. The simplest of these is a large set of professionally designed video editing tools. It can be used to create fun-loving videos for social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The application uses artificial intelligence to simplify the entire editing process. The editing tools are very straightforward. So you can easily get a grip on formatting videos. Has a commercially licensed song library. In comparison, Magisto's music library includes not only more songs but also more variety. These will be the different types of music that will force you to watch beyond viva video. If so it will easily become the best alternative. Also, the Magisto filmmaker will be seen as equally adept at creating a cool slideshow and video gallery. 

This application is available for free. However, if you want to unlock all the powerful video editing tools per month. 29.99 or $ 59.99 / month. Price-wise, even if it is very expensive, considering its tools, it would be worth giving a show.

Best apps VivaVideo Alternative

PowerDirector is the best choice for Viva Video alternative application based on pro-quality video editing tools. For long distances. Holding this app in front of the curve is an effective application that allows you to edit and export videos in 4K resolution. It comes with a very easy speed adjustment tool to conveniently change the speed of any video. The speed adjustment tool allows you to do it easily, whether you want to make a fast forward video or go for a stunning slow-motion clip. Another feature that will attract attention in this application is the video stabilizer. Video stabilization helps whenever you want to adjust the trembling scenes. PowerDirector looks very consistent when it comes to fixing trembling videos. In addition, PowerDirector is a strong competitor to Viva Video when it comes to modifications, effects, and filters.

Adobe Premiere Rush
Best apps VivaVideo Alternative

If you do not want to go through some learning curves, in the beginning, Adobe Premiere Rush is right for you. This app is especially used to create cinematic movies that can send social media on a Blitzkreak. Like most of Adobe's offerings, the Premiere Rush is packed with an enviable library of powerful tools. The best part about this video editor is the multitrack timeline. This will allow you to capture up to four videos and three audio tracks simultaneously. The app is suitable for crisis times when you need to create high-quality social media posts. Viva Video often has a wide set of beautifully designed filters and effects. And it will turn social media videos into a breeze. In this aspect, Premiere Rush is seen as equal. Not only that, like Viva Video, it also provides the desired flexibility. 

This allows you to customize your video, custom color, size, and font. Also, a strange vocal can be used as background music. Also, it has a sound balance. Seen with advanced tools for noise reduction and auto-ducking. It is far superior to its competitors. If you want to get the most rated VivaVideo alternative apps for creating social media posts for the long story, short story, marketing, or branding. You can opt for the Premiere Rush app.

Best apps VivaVideo Alternative

The name itself makes it clear that it can be used for quick video editing. And is incredibly designed. If you hate going roundabout ways to create a beautiful video, you can choose this video editor. You will love its ability to provide a fully personalized video editing experience. If you think it has sacrificed quality in favor of simplicity, there is no doubt that it is as efficient as some of the best video editors out there. The app allows you to add up to 200 images and video clips to create a video. The application works best in retrieving the desired data from Cobro displays. It is also used to select exciting moments after a thorough analysis. In addition, the app detects faces and colors to accurately format each shot. Another feature that makes Quik a great video converter is the excellent selection of over 25 themes, stunning transitions, and graphics for each game. With a ton of text overlays, title slides, GPS stickers, and free songs, designing videos can be a lot of fun.


The 5 apps mentioned above are the best alternative apps to replace VivaVideo. Choose one of these and use it on your Android or PC. Use all the above apps and share your experience with us in the below comment section. Thanks for your visit.

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